Empty Net – Monochrome monoprint, Overfishing Series, Jane Harding

Empty Net. Monochrome monoprint 84 x 64 cm.


Jane Harding is an experimental printmaker. She uses unconventional printmaking techniques to explore the natural world. She celebrates the natural environment, explores climate change, and the consequences of human exploitation of the planet. Her work is a response to personal experience, and now reflects the constant and escalating change with which we live. This is characterised by uncertainty. Inspiration comes, not only from the environment but from reading, poetry and music.

She has exhibited at the University of York, The Guatemalan Centre, London, and contributed to exhibitions at The Sidney Nolan Trust, The Bankside Gallery, London and Rabley Contemporary Drawing Gallery.

After art training and a career in special education, teaching, counselling, and NHS management, she worked for the Royal Society of Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce (RSA). On moving to Shropshire she started printmaking and experimenting with mixed- media techniques.

Her current work is for a collaborative exhibition, Darkness and Light, with two other artists whose experience in common is in printmaking. The theme of the exhibition is both a celebration and a lament for the changing climate expressed in different ways by each artist. The project began in 2019 but has more recently been greatly influenced by the virus which has illuminated and distorted lives, shining a light on dark inequality and deprivation whilst highlighting the beauty and power of nature.